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Business owners  often focus on the importance of getting people to their website without much regard for what comes next. 

Our focus is on getting the right people, who are currently actively considering buying a fireplace, to visit your website and then when they are there to get them to take the next step. We do not want them to move away from your website until after we have engaged them enough to access their contact details and  their basic fireplace interest.

Once that is done we will augment your sales team’s human endeavours with a highly personalised automated follow-up process.

A quick video walk through of what we have in-mind

I have spent some time going through your website to point out areas where we can improve your user experience. 

Spend just a few minutes checking out the video for a very quick explanation of what I have in mind for your project and how we can dramatically improve your results.

Checked-out the video?

Our Six Paramount Objectives for your project

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Paying for advertising is a prerequisite  of online sales but your return on your advertising spend is key. We ensure that your campaigns are focused on results.

We use Google automated bidding focused on sales and sales lead generation. Over time the Google algorithm will reduce your cost per click while increasing your  conversion rate. Our initial technical and creative setup is vital to your success.

In this industry we are currently creating qualified sales leads at  significantly less than R10 per lead.

The quantity and quality of your sales leads are dependant on the effectiveness of our “Calls to Action”.

Calls  to action are the next step for website visitors and they need to tie into your goals and your client’s  objectives and desires. We make use of clever psychological triggers to grab attention and drive sales and contacts.

It is a fairly well know fact that in sales customers normally need about seven sales touch points or engagements before they purchase. These can combine automated through email and human contacts.

A simple phone call is vital to building a relationship with a new contact but we can automate many other interactions. Automated email follow-us are detailed later in tjis proposal.

This is done both via online advertising by simply getting your brand in front of potential clients and also by improving their online experience once they are on your website.

Good quality website design aids the potential client’s perception of your business and we need to ensure that they are confident in your quality, professionalism and reliability. The quality of your email follow-up will also greatly enhance the positive perception of your business.

This confidence in your company will make their sales choices side with your business over your competitors.

Automated follow-up combined with search campaigns that are fully optimised towards creating results will dramatically increase your sales. This is our number 1 focus.

Our Google shopping campaigns not only drive sales leads but one of our fireplace campaigns is currently resulting in an average of 1 actual online fireplace order per day and between 30 and 40 qualified sales leads per day.

Our tool kit

To ensure maximum results and productivity we need a professional set of uncompromising tools. All our WordPress plugins are fully tested and show to operate perfectly in combination with one another.

Content Managment

R 0 Per year
  • Runs 30% of the internet
  • Supported by millions of developers
  • Safe, secure and reliable
  • Great SEO opportunities

Email Managment

R 1500 Per year
  • Unlimited email contacts database
  • Zero email sending fees
  • Custom fields capture all user information
  • Unlimmited automated follow-ups

Design Customisation

Elementor Pro
R 750 Per year
  • Full customisation of all elements of your website
  • Improves website speed and SEO
  • Interacts well with lead managments system
  • Dramatically improves the vissual appeal of your website

Content Filter

Filter Everything
R 0 Per year
  • Enables content filtering in search
  • Enables product filtering
  • Advanced product filtering
  • Product filtering by URL

Custom Fields

Advanced Custom Fields
R 0 Per year
  • Enables product custom fields like fuel type etc
  • Enables product usage areas
  • Connects well with Filter Everything

Development Fees

  • Automated Email Setup R2 500

    This is the backbone of our follow-up process. This setup fee includes the installation of ACYMailing (the purchase fee is a seperate cost). I will include the setup of various lists into which customers will be added automatically along with all their contact info and fireplace preferences. I will also setup the connection between your product page pop-ups and ACYMailing. This fee includes the setup of one automated email.

  • Creation of individual follow-up emails R600

    We can setup as many automated emails as you like. Each email will be triggered at a certain interval following the client's initial contact and can be personalised according to various data points.

  • Product Page Customisation R2 000

    I will update your product details page template to allow for the "Call to Action" elements that we need. This will include all the interactions with ACYMailing and Google for conversion tracking and campaign optimisation.

  • Web Design Tweaking R1 800

    We can use this time to make various modifications to your website including the contact page structure and the various forms on the site. We can also tweak layouts to make them more user friendly.

  • Full Website Redesign R8 000

    Should you wish to have a total website redesign this fee will replace the tweaking fee above.

  • Google Shopping Ads Creation R3 000

    Google Shopping Ads are by far the most effective way to market your fireplaces. This fee includes everything we need to get you setup properly. This includes a data feed, Merchant Center setup, Shopping Ads setup and conversion tracking.

  • Google Text Ads Creation R2 000

    Google text ads provide a nice back-up to your shopping ads. This fee includes the ad setup with Google and three separate text ads. Conversion tracking is included.

Optional Monthly Fees

  • Google Campaign Monitoring and Optimisation R1 000

    It makes sense to constantly monitor your campaign to tweak and improve it over time. This is where we make changes to keywords, area targeting etc to ensure that we don't waste money on unnecessary clicks and focus on your most profitable market.

  • Website Management R1 000

    This enables us to make monthly changes to adapt your website to maximise your results. I could help tweak product pages, help with product export, optimise images or any other day-to-day tasks. This fee will provide you with upto 3 hours per month of expert assistance.

What's Next?

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