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Stainless Steel Spit Braai

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The built in Spit Braai is available in one size (1700mm) with three cooking options. We believe in giving customers the option to choose. Our spit braai allows you to choose the way you want it. Choose between the full gas spit braai, full wood / charcoal spit braai or a combination of gas and charcoal spit braai.

This spit braai is unique in that you have the option to spit a large volume of meat, like a whole lamb, or simply use it as a normal braai. Remove the spit arm and the braai is converted into a normal gas braai, wood braai or charcoal braai. The difference between the wood braai and charcoal braai is the wood braai has an ember maker (wood basket) and the charcoal braai does not.

So whether you prefer gas or wood or perhaps a combination of the two, we have the right spit braai for you.

Each spit braai comes standard with a 40 kg heavy duty motor which allows you to cater for many friends in one braai. Also included is a large stainless steel carving tray. The spit braai arm and bracket are also included. A very unique feature of the spit braai is that it can be turned into an oven to retain the heat and cook faster.

A damper is installed into the top of the spit braai which allows you to restrict the heat escaping through the chimney. The spit braai comes standard with three removable stainless steel heat shields to further insulate and retain the heat where you need it most. A built in thermometer lets you keep a close eye on the temperature inside the spit braai.

The spit braai is recommended to be used in conjunction with motorised extraction to give you advanced control of the temperature and flow rate. The standard material is 304 stainless steel but we offer the spit braai in 316 stainless steel for extra protection against corrosion. These spit braais are 100% grade 304 or 316 stainless steel, we do not use inferior grades such as 430 on any part of the braai.

The stainless steel spit braai comes standard with a large sliding door that folds neatly underneath the braai and doubles as a functional work surface. When the door is closed it gives the braai a luxurious aesthetic. The door and frame of the spit braai can also be powder coated in black. Optional frame and doors in stainless steel or black are available for below the braai.


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