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Stainless Steel Griller Gas Braai

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Signi Fires offer a fresh approach to our national pass time the humble braai. Our Griller gas braai provide home chef’s with the ultimate cooking weapon to impress their guests. The Griller gas braai is available in various sizes (390, 590, 770, 970, 1170, and 1370) ensuring enough options for avid braai enthusiasts. Converting your wood braai to a clean and neat gas braai has never been easier. The gas Griller braai is freestanding and can either fit into your existing braai or be used as a freestanding braai on a work surface.

Sizes 770 and up come standard with 1 ceramic sear burner. The sear burner is a ceramic burner that emits much higher, instant temperatures. Its the first braai in South Africa to feature this type of burner. The ceramic sear burner is perfect for grilling steaks and other meats where caramelisation is required on the outside whilst keeping the inside moist and juicy.

Our standard finish is 304 stainless steel but we offer the braai in 316 stainless steel for extra protection against corrosion. Our braais are 100% grade 304 or 316 stainless steel, our competitors might use inferior grades of stainless steel but we do not use inferior grades such as 430 on any part of the braai. The Griller gas braai comes standard with self ignition knobs and burners and does not require any electrical connection. Please note that the gas braai must be installed by a registered (LPGAS) installer.

The gas Griller braai is designed to be placed onto a work surface or inserted into a prebuilt chimney breast and works with natural draft, however an extraction canopy (gather) can be fitted to the braai for flue fitment or motorised extraction. If a gather is requested customers must also install flu pipes with or without motorised extraction. Speak to our team for a custom extraction solution to fulfill your culinary desires. Please view the technical sheets below in the specifications tab.

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