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Rocal Habit LD/LI & LC Freestanding Wood Fireplace

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Rocal is a Spanish brand, which has been producing top quality closed combustion fireplaces for over 30 years. The Rocal Habit LD/LI & TC freestanding fireplace  has a number of innovative features which are shared across the contemporary looking range. It has a steel combustion chamber, vermiculite inner lining, wraparound casing in 6 mm steel and optional external air inlet.
Preheated primary and secondary air with the ash pan removal from the front.

Rated between 10Kw and 18Kw it has a huge output for your larger open plan areas.

The Habit LD / LI and TC  closed combustion insert fireplace is available in a two sided (LD/LI) or three sided (TC) option. In the two sided option you can choose on which side (left or right) you want the second open side.

It is also available in two sizes and there is an optional log storage base, wall mounted bracket or bench accessory to choose from.

The Habit is a freestanding collection and there is a built in collection called the Arc

Also see the Rocal Graffiti Single sided closed combustion insert fireplace which is available in four sizes.
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