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Cone Suspended Fireplace

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There is a powerful aesthetic when fire floats in mid air. Cone suspended fireplaces is hand forged to order and ideal for spaces that require a special presence and focal point.  Fire in its natural form the Cone wood burning fireplace provides a beautiful aesthetic of crackling fire and comforting warmth. The first of it kind to be proudly made in South Africa

The Cone Suspended Fireplace comes standard 1000Ø and is forged with carbon steel and finished in a matt black coating. Only available in black. The Cone is customised to order to ensure the flue connections and anchor position is perfect for your bespoke environment.

The Cone is available as a wood burning fireplace or as a bio-ethanol fireplace. The wood option will require a flue pipe to exit your roof but with the bio-ethanol version you don’t need a flue pipe. The bio-ethanol option uses the round bio ethanol fire pit and is great for apartments or places where a flue pipe or chimney is not possible or not allowed.

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