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Aire 5 Wood Burning Fireplace

R30 750.00

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The Charnwood Aire is a relatively new addition to the Charnwood stable and is their first ever wood-burning ONLY stove.

It is rated as a 7KW max output stove (5KW nominal). It features a very large glass, allowing for an exceptional view of the fire for the size of stove.

The Aire is a wood-burner only (not multi-fuel). However, unlike other wood-burning only stoves, the Aire features a double-skin ashpan that allows you to make your fire directly on to the ashpan for easy ash disposal.

Like all Charnwood stoves, the combination of boiler plate steel and cast iron construction means that the Aire provides one of the easiest to control wood-burners available in the market today.

Additional features include:

  • Patented air intake system to maximise efficiency from one simple to operate lever.
  • Air wash system for cleaner glass.
  • Cool to the touch door handle mechanism.
  • Cool to the touch air-control mechanism.
  • External outside air intake option.
  • Top or rear flue exit options.
  • Store stand or low stand options.
  • Eco-Design 2022 ready. One of the cleanest burning stoves available today.
  • 10 year guarantee on the body of the stove which is the longest guarantee period on a woodburning stove available at the time of writing.
  • Choice of 8 colours subject to additional charge and additional lead time.

Please see below specifications for full details on efficiency ratings and dimensions.

About Charnwood

Charnwood are Britain’s oldest wood-burning stove manufacturer. They are a family owned business (parent company is A J Wells & Sons Ltd) and they have built a reputation for excellence, honesty and integrity throughout Europe, North America, Oceania and South Africa.

Their manufacturing ‘ethic’ is one built firmly on quality materials and expertise. Their factories are all sited on the Isle Of White where they employ local labour and utilise close to 100% British manufactured components and raw materials.

Each stove is individually quality control checked prior to despatch. Charnwood pride themselves on manufacturing an ‘exceptional’ product in terms of customer experience with the focus on making their stoves one of the easiest to operate and most efficient wood-burners available in the market.

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