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We have proven, quantifiable success in selling fireplaces online. We bring all our experience and expertise to helping you sell fireplaces locally, in your city.

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We have proven, quantifiable success in selling fireplaces online. We bring all our experience and expertise to helping you sell fireplaces locally, in your city.

Weekly Website Stats

We use cutting-edge Google Analytics to monitor website visitors and activity. We are able to analyse what works and what needs tweaking while sending you weekly statistics to judge for yourself.


3 000 leads PER YEAR

In 2019 we started work with a well know, Cape Town based, fireplace manufacturer. The business has a good looking website that was providing virtually no online contacts.

We took that website from just 1 lead in 2019 to over 8 000 sales leads in 2020/21. The company generates so many enquiries that we developed a specialised quotation system to help them keep up.

We are now able to offer our experience and expertise to fireplace companies operating in areas where our original fireplace client is not currently operating. In order to avoid conflicts of interest we will represent just one business per area.

Very Limited Availability,


Easy Tech

Your website is fully integrated with all the high-tech systems needed to make the most of your online advertising. You can focus on what you do best while your website takes care of lead generation and online sales.

You do not need to be an IT wizard to run a successful local fireplace business online.

Everything is done for you!


relevant results

We have turned around the online marketing of an established South African fireplace company. The newfound sales and leads have helped them to thrive in an otherwise highly challenging environment.

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A major part of our marketing strategy depends on your on-line store. Even though the majority of people need to deal with a person before buying a fireplace the e-commerce store is our initial contact with new clients. You can decide whether or not to add prices to products and whether or not to accept online orders.

The most important aspect of your online store is to provide information on your product offering and to trigger contacts with potential clients.


Customers share
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Melissa S.


“I love what my fireplace has done for our living area. Gone of the nights of mindless TV replaces by hot drinks, a warm fire and scintillating winter conversation. ”

Vincent B.


“Our dream fireplaces ended up costing us a little less than we expected and the service from our fireplace company has been fantastic. Best decision ever! ”

Colin G.


“Amazing company and gorgeous fireplaces. The sales staff were fantastic and the guys installing our new fireplace followed through on all of their promises. ”

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